The God Room book


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Ever wonder what the world looks like through the eyes of an artist? 

Better yet, what does the spiritual realm look like through an artist's eye?

Danny Hahlbohm has already given us all a glimpse at this realm  throughout his 40 year career. Now get a personal "hands-on insight"

of what inspires and drives an artist to create such works, and why.


Follow along Danny's inspiring journey from the canvas to the Creator.


Though his artwork effected millions it was not until later in life that he truly came face to face with God through a near death experience.  In his own personal God Room, Danny

began to know the face behind the paintings. Danny laid down the brush and picked up a pen and began to write these deep revelations from being alone with his Creator in the God Room. 

This 8.5” x 11” book, reveals how every believer can have that same intimate personal relationship with Christ in their own life. Seeing how God can, and wants, to use you

by revealing hidden passages that come from entering...

The God Room.

This book contains over 40 full color images of Danny’s finest pieces of art including the ones you know or even have yourself. Now you can know the real story behind them and how they transformed from those images to a personal relationship with God as you had never known before. Order yours now or get one for a friend. It just may change their life!

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The God Room Book